All NCBAM staff members are trained to present on issues that affect aging adults or their caregivers. Several staff members also hold teaching certifications in evidenced-based health and prevention programs. All classes emphasize group learning and provide opportunities for attendees to share experiences.


To schedule a class, phone the NCBAM Call Center at 877.506.2226 to be put in touch with a regional director in your area.



My Prayer Life for All My Life:  A look at prayer in the lives of aging adults, this class examines the definition of prayer, what it is and what it is not.  We examine the Biblical definition and examples of prayer as well as the importance of maintaining and continuing to develop a strong prayer life as we age.


The Spiritual Practice of Simplicity: Practicing simplicity doesn’t just mean living with less; it also encompasses the inward desire to live a simpler life. This class addresses loosening dependence on things, activities, and even human relationships while deepening dependence upon God. Topics include: biblical simplicity, setting priorities, letting go with peace, and enjoying freedom, contentment and peace in Christ


Living Forward: New Horizons in Life:  Based on the work of Sanford Danzinger, this workshop includes a group conversation that will help aging adults explore and look forward to a fulfilling "next act" of life.



FACES—Seeing the Aging in Your Community This workshop brings awareness to the growth and needs of the aging population and explores how NCBAM can partner with churches or organizations in helping to meet needs.


The Christian Art of Caregiving:  This training provides the information caregivers or potential caregivers need to better understand the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the aging. They’ll be empowered to minister to the needs of the whole person—with skill, creativity, and joy!


The NCBAM Care Team Model of Ministry:  This training provides detailed and valuable information for how churches or other groups can plan and operate Care Teams that assist aging adults in maintaining their independence. This workshop includes information on waivers, working together as a team, communicating with the care receiver and their families, observing boundaries, and responding in emergency situations.



SOS for Caregivers  This class focuses on the challenges of caregiving as well as coping techniques to assist in dealing with the day-to-day care of an aging adult. Participants learn ways to reduce stress and to handle feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated.


Caring for the Caregiver:   "At the end of the day, who cares for the caregiver?"  This presentation examines the daily concerns of the caregiver, some of the frustrations they face, and takes a look at resources and ideas that the caregiver can take advantage of to maintain and improve their lives--emotionally, physically and spiritually. Implementing these practices will be a win-win for the caregiver and the person who needs the care.


The Five Love Languages for Caregivers:   Discerning the primary love language of another and communicating in that language allows love and concern to be shown most fluently. In this interactive workshop based on principles from “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, participants will learn their own primary and secondary love languages. Participants will also learn ways that the principles from the book can be utilized to improve the care of aging adults in any setting


Dementia and the Faith Community:   Learn how your church can minister to those living with dementia and their caregivers. Participants will gain a better understanding of dementia and learn how to communicate and minister to those  living with dementia as well as those caring for them. Participants will also learn warning signs of dementia and concrete ways to help


Down, But Not Out! Addressing Depression in Aging Adults:  Even though one in five aging adults may experience depression; it is not part of normal aging. Participants will learn the symptoms of depression, steps to take to feel better and whole again, and ways that loved ones or church family can help bring hope to those suffering from depression



Benefits of Volunteerism in Aging Adults:   This presentation shares health (mental and physical) benefits of volunteering as an aging adult.  The class offers suggestions for serving in your community with a focus on inter-generational connections


Better Sleep BINGO! If a great night’s sleep is something you only dream of, play Better Sleep Bingo to learn 25 tips for getting better ZZZZZs. 


Aging and Health:  As we age, we may face new health conditions. Aging and multiple medications can increase the chance of unwanted and harmful drug interactions. This workshop shares how NCBAM’s Red Bags can make managing medications easy and convenient.


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:  This workshop addresses the causes of this cultural phenomenon, its challenges, and resources that are available to help.


Laughter Is the Best Medicine:  Medical Science has proven the importance of laughter and its benefits to emotional and physical health. This workshop helps us so choose laughter and intentionally increase happiness in life.


The Five Love Languages for Aging Adults:  Discerning the primary love language of another and communicating that language allows love and concern to be shown most fluently. In this author-endorsed interactive workshop based on principles from "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman, participants will learn their own love languages. Participants will also learn ways that the principles from this book can be utilized to improve communication in any setting.


Reducing Stress in the Golden Years:  The aging process can include stress-inducing challenges such as chronic illnesses, grief and financial struggles. Participants learn ways to de-stress their lives, how faith and humor can help, as well as practical solutions for a better night’s sleep.


Shake, Rattle and Roll:   This workshop focuses on the benefits of making recreational activities a meaningful and fun part of aging adult ministry.  Recreation isn’t just “fun”—it reduces stress, anxiety and depression and provides a sense of value and belonging. Ways to adapt recreational actives for different mobility levels are discussed.


Soul Stretch:  This exercise class offers a unique way to nurture your spirit while also nurturing the health of your body. Classes focus on flexibility and balance issues for aging adults and include Scripture meditations.



Two Peas in a Pod - Similarities between Aging Adults and Teenagers  Be amazed discovering the similarities between teens and aging adults. Compare the emotional and psychological needs that lead these two age groups to support and celebrate each other.


Generation to Generation: The Church as an Heirloom:  This workshop explores the six generations present in the church and how the “personalities” of each generation differ.  Rather than sitting aging adults on a shelf and admiring them as a special heirloom, learn ways your church can greater utilize the tremendous strengths of its aging adults.



Up, Up, But Not Away!:   Working to meet the many and varied needs of aging adults is rewarding, but can lead to burnout and compassion fatigue for frontline employees or volunteers. Participants will learn practical tips for lifting morale and concrete tips for increasing effectiveness, productivity and client satisfaction.


In Good Faith: Co-Laborers For Aging Adults:  Faith-based groups and government agencies realize that no one entity can meet all the needs of aging adults. Learn how NCBAM has established strategic cooperative partnerships with government and community agencies to create programs that enable aging adults and their families to live as independently as possible.


NCBAM Brief Overview:   A brief overview of the history, vision, purpose and on-going ministry of NCBAM.  This brief overview is appropriate for pastors’ conferences, church staff meetings, or other venues where time is li  ed.


Together We Serve:  This workshop brings awareness to the growth and needs of the aging population.  “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” opportunities are provided to help serve aging adults in need and to follow Romans 12:13, “Share with the Lord’s s where time is limited.


We Got This:  The needs of aging Baby Boomers are going to be great. North Carolina Baptists will be a vital part of the solution as well-aging and other servant volunteers minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the frail aging. God has uniquely positioned NCBAM to be a cultural game-changer in the coming decades.



Living with Less:  Older adults often stay in touch with the past through possessions—but less can actually be more! This workshop explores how downsizing can be liberating and offer greater safety in the home as well as reduced expenses. The challenges of downsizing are covered as well as tips and options for where to find help for the journey—and even enjoy the new adventure!


Make Retirement Years Your “Bonus Years”:  Class participants design an action plan for a fulfilling retirement. Selected areas of concentration include: achieving good health, maintaining independence, sustaining relationships, working or volunteering, and exploring Christian spirituality.


NCBAM Brief Overview:   A brief overview of the history, vision, purpose and on-going ministry of NCBAM.  This brief overview is appropriate for pastors’ conferences, church staff meetings, or other venues where time is limited.



Fire and/or Fall Prevention Classes:  Each NCBAM team member is trained to present the “Remembering When” program. This program was developed specifically for aging adults by the National Fire Protection Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The classes focus on eight key fall prevention strategies and/or eight key fire prevention strategies.


Not Living in Neverland: Removing Barriers in Your Home:  The homes most of us live in were not built for aging adults. They are “Peter Pan” homes built for people who were never going to grow old.  Learn the “how-tos” of removing barriers in your home. Learn ways to safer living as an aging adult and free yourself to be more fully used by God.


Beware: Scams and Frauds:  Fraud against aging adults is a serious problem affecting thousands every year. This workshop focuses on the most common scams and ways to protect yourself—or someone you love.


Building Better Balance (BBB):  NCBAM has partnered with Building Better Balance—an evidence-based screening process that identifies fall risk. Individual screenings include just a few questions, one walking and balance activity, and take only ten minutes. Screenings can be the focus of a program or incorporated into other events. Participants receive information about fall prevention resources in their communities and personalized letters to share with their physicians.


Several NCBAM staff members hold teaching certifications in these evidenced-based health and prevention programs.  NCBAM can also put you in touch with resources in your community where these classes may be taught.

Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition:  This six-week class includes techniques for overcoming chronic conditions, medication management tips, communication skills, healthy eating guidelines, the benefits of exercise, and more.


Living Healthy with Diabetes:  This six-week class includes the same core concepts as “Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition” with a special emphasis on managing diabetes.


Powerful Tools for Caregivers:  This six-week class offers caregivers tools to reduce personal stress, to improve communication skills with family members and healthcare providers, and for making tough caregiving decisions.


Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Fall Prevention: All Tai Chi for Health programs have modernized Tai Chi using medical knowledge and effective teaching methods to create safe, effective and accessible programs. These ten-week classes have been proven to decrease the pain associated with arthritis, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and balance, and prevent falls.



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